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What is Vertigo / Giddiness? KKnow from the Best Neurologist, Vertigo / Giddiness Expert Doctor in South Mumbai in South from the Best Neurologist, Vertigo / Giddiness Expert Doctor in South Mumbai in South Mumbai.

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Vertigo and Dizziness are frequent scientific stipulations that affect the experience of stability and orientation. While the phrases dizziness and vertigo are frequently used interchangeably, they refer to barely one-of-a-kind experiences.

Dizziness is a sensation of lightheadedness, feeling faint, unsteady, or off-balance. It can be triggered by way of a variety of underlying clinical prerequisites such as low blood pressure, anemia, coronary heart problems, dehydration, or infections.

Vertigo, on the other hand, is a kind of dizziness that is characterized by the sensation of spinning or motion when there is no authentic motion occurring. It is regularly induced through issues in the internal ear or the central apprehensive system, such as irritation or contamination in the ear, Meniere's disease, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).


Diagnosis of dizziness and vertigo includes a complete contrast of a person's scientific history, symptoms, and bodily examination.

The diagnostic procedure may additionally contain laboratory tests, imaging studies, and specialized testing.

The healthcare issuer will ask about the nature and period of the symptoms, any related symptoms, such as listening to loss or ringing in the ears, and any triggers or elements that aggravate or enhance the symptoms.

Depending on the suspected underlying cause, extra exams might also be necessary.

These can also include:

Blood exams to determine prerequisites such as anemia, infections, or metabolic disorders.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) or echocardiogram to investigate coronary heart function imaging research such as a CT scan or MRI to seem to be for structural abnormalities or tumours.

Audiometry or vestibular trying out to verify listening to and stability function Positional trying out to consider for BPPV Specialized checkings such as electronystagmography (ENG) or videonystagmography (VNG) might also be used to investigate eye movements and assist in deciding the motive of vertigo.

The suitable diagnostic method will rely on the precise signs and symptoms and suspected underlying causes.

Treatments For Vertigo & Dizziness By Dr Mehul Desai

When a patient gets disturbed by dizziness or balancing or vertigo, it is very annoying, and we understand how difficult it is to survive with that problem. DrSpectra offers Assessment and therapeutic solutions that aim is to be alleviating dizziness completely if it is associated with tinnitus or hyperacusis. Since dizziness is from days, months, and years, we do assessments based on audiometry reports and the severity of dizziness. We need to talk to the patients and understand other symptoms like head heaviness, ear heaviness, vertigo, noise irritation, sleeping disturbance, ear pain, and tinnitus with hyperacusis.

The assessment can be done in a clinic or via Video call/ Audio call. Many patients from overseas are taking treatment through video calls and audio calls. We have done more than 5000 patients via video call and clinical assessment to date. Our device therapy works on the neurons which are responsible for generating high-frequency sound stimulation via proven medical devices and standardized tests. In the therapeutic procedure, we usually provide customized algorithmically modified therapeutic sound via medicated earphones for 10-20 minutes as per need for 2-3 times a day in the affected ear.

The results are improved balancing and reduction in spinning/dizziness and giving instant relief. We do regular follow-ups on a weekly basis as per need. We provide a protocol-led treatment plan administered by highly qualified & expert personnel at your convenience. Results show that the success rate is up to 90%. We are the leading solution for such dizziness/Meniere’s disease problems where the patient gets instant relief by using the Tinnitus relief TR301 or above device.

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